Urine Organic – the cellular testing program for body systems by urination

This is the test for the balance of metabolism, powering system, excretion system, the balance of neurotransmitter, microbial balance, and the risk for cancers and Alzheimer.

The test includes The cellular testing program for body systems by urination

Price: 12,000 THB

Pre-test self-preparation

  • Refrain from drinking water, 2 hours before sleeping on the night prior to the test
  • Avoid fruits such as apple, grape, pear, and cranberries, no less than 24 hours prior to the test
  • Urinate before sleeping
  • Refrain from vitamin intake before sleeping
  • Avoid exercises prior to the test
  • Avoid a heavy meal or buffet prior to the first urine collection after waking up
  • In the case of urination during the sleep is necessary, collect the urine after over 4 hours of sleep
  • Do not collect the urine while on period

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