An Easy, Swaggy Design Guide For Lesbian A New Comer To The Town

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Hello, brand new Ny lesbian, and introducing this breathtaking gay sprawling area of


Get ready observe hot lesbians running free. Feel the queer woman energy within bodega, the Laundromat, a random elevator, the bar bathroom– nowhere is safe and that means you want to have a look on point always. I am aware, I know, every one of these women are super-swaggy and it may end up being extremely daunting.

‘Especially if you should be in Brooklyn. There are many weird-ass style circumstances occurring, and it may end up being hard to understand the direction to go. When does one begin exceedingly putting on 80s windbreakers and mom trousers? Precisely what does one wear once you do not feel like you may be hot sufficient to ironically pull-off a dad Hawaiian switch upwards? This is where I come around, honey. I prefer pasta a significant amount of to do the ugly-chic thing and I also choose a department store to L Train antique.

If you’d like to begin with fundamental, and operate your path in the total pole of edgy lesbian design, allow me to become your heart manual. If you would like skip this information, We’ll present a hint: simply put on all-black. If you need a lot more, continue reading for a thorough lezzie city style list.

You merely need many staple parts, and my personal gay ass has arrived to assist.

1. Leather Leggings

These spanx fabric leggings are my LIFE. I am confident they will have gotten me set multiple times. I understand $100 for leggings will be a lot, but could you actually place a cost on what best your ass could try these?

2. Vinyl Pants

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I believe these talk on their own. Fiiirrreee.

3. Cropped Leather Jacket

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Such as the most quintessential lesbian consistent — only


4. Witty T-shirt

I’ve gone on dates using my personal “I”m from my personal mind, leave a note top” with no any thinks I’m ridiculous, reason it is nyc and in addition we each is.



Pic by @aerosoles_shoes

You shouldn’t be at all like me and leave your own heel addiction cause you to Uber every-where. Invest in some sensible, posh black colored booties.

6. O Ring Collar

Allow those hot lesbians understand you a freak, babe.

7. LBD

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8. Extraordinary Coat

NY winters blow, but that does not mean your style has to. Ditch that unattractive puffer jacket for a wildly-less-practical but method chicer faux fur coat.

9. Extraordinary Lip

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I can do all situations whereby liquid lip stick strengthens myself.

10. whatever you decide and wish! Here is the city of ambitions, darling. Express yourself.

You can be the person who you need here, hottie. That’s the point.

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